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Fac Control by DE SIGNER

So I’m peeping around the interweb the other day and came across this mix Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler did for Mixmag. The DE SIGNER track caught my ear. We posted something on them a while back. I remember the song (it was on their debut album, DESIGNERSRULETHEWORLD, a few years ago), but apparently there are some new remixes just coming out by Robin Porter, Subb-an and Crazy P. Thanks to Goggled I came across this nice write up Ibiza Voice gave the release. Perhaps De Signer will finally get some recognition across the pond. Even saw Pete Tong and Heidi giving it some love on BBC Radio. Plus, rumor has it (I heard it from a friend) the song is finding its way to a Get Physical comp.

DE SIGNER: Suicide Girl (Jamie Jones vs. Seth Troxler)

And check this stylish nightmare of a video below that the Le Branché crew (the band’s label) shot at Rolland Berry’s studio in downtown LA. It’s from their new album, Nous Nous.

Fac Control