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An Epic Title For The Nintendo Wii

As we stood in Tomorrowland on a 97 degree day in November, Disney Epic Mickey creative director Warren Spector casually mentioned that  ”one of our boss battles takes place on top of [Space Mountain].”  That point alone should surely get the most video game averse Disneyphiles to invest in a Nintendo Wii.  Disney Epic Mickey features altered versions of some of the most hallowed Disneyland treasures.  Set in “Wasteland”, the game’s inhabitants have done their best to create a theme park from discarded elements of the Disney archives.

It should be mentioned that I’ve probably been to Disneyland more times than I’ve been to the dentist… and I’ve spent plenty of time with doctors of dental surgery.  The mere concept of bringing this magical location into a video game is very exciting.  We were assured that The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Main Streen USA, It’s a Small World and a Disney castle will be seen in some form or other within the game.

In addition to the theme park influences, Disney Epic Mickey also draws on classic Disney cartoons and reintroduces Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.  Oswald hasn’t been seen in a Disney title of any kind since 1928.  The fact that the game’s designers have first crack at him is a statement of strong support for Disney Interactive as an integral part of the brand going into the future.

Disney Epic Mickey will be in stores on November 30th.  Cruise by the official website for screenshots, video and to pre-order the game.