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Infected Mushroom Shoot Video and Prepare for World Tour

While shooting the video for their new single “Smashing the Opponent” featuring vocals from Korn’s Jonathan Davis, the men of Infected Mushroom took a few minutes to chat with us about their world tour, Paul Oakenfold and video games.  While we’ll attribute their comments to the whole band, Duvdev seemed to be the one with the most to say today.

Your new album Legend of the Black Shawarma is being released on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label.  How did your collaboration come about?

We met Paul at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2007 and he expressed an interest in getting involved with us.  He’s been great to work with and very supportive artistically and in an A&R capacity.

And now you’re gearing up for 2 more EDC appearances both here in Los Angeles and Denver on the heels of a world tour.  Have you got anything special planned for the fans?

We’re very excited about the tour.  There will be a full band on stage and we’ll be playing a lot of new music from our forthcoming album.  We’re also working to get Jonathan Davis on stage with us at some point but he’s on tour in Europe right now.

Since we mentioned the fans, have any cities here in the States been particularly crazy?

We had a great time in Baltimore for the Virgin Festival.  But the fans all over the world have been very supportive.

We’re here at the Roxy for the filming of your new video.  Do you guys like to have a hand in the creative side of your videos?

Absolutely.  We wanted to be involved in the concept and be here for the production.

I’ve mostly been covering video games for BPM, did you guys see the Xbox 360 press conference last week?

Oh yeah, NATAL looks amazing.  I called up my friend to tell him about it (insert self pleasure pantomime here) after watching the video.  You hold up a skateboard, scan it and then you can ride it in the game.  Very cool.

So, where are you guys off to next?

We’re heading to Moscow, then back to the US for some dates, then Europe, South America… everywhere.